Scents Of Nation - Top Perfumes For Men & Women By One Degree

In the pleasure world of men’s grooming, the right choice of the best perfume for men in Pakistan is a sign of decency, strong statement of style and personality. In Pakistan, where cultural differences and weather play an important role One Degree has launched its wide collection of online perfumes in Pakistan.

Do you know that scents are man’s best friends? You must have remembered someone just for the perfume they use, right? The one degree fragrances are picked after a deep analysis of our consumers' needs and wants. The best part is the color scheme that One Degree has chosen for these perfumes. 

The color of these perfumes are chosen as per their secret formulas and your mood. If you are feeling energetic and cheerful you can choose yellow but if you are feeling peaceful you got that blue perfume. Another thing that not everyone notices is that these seven different colors are for a special reason. Let’s say, there are seven days in a week, you can put on different perfumes everyday. Is it not cool?

Warm Vanilla

Bring some spice in your life with Warm Vanilla, an amber, spicy fragrance carefully curated with some of the most exquisite blends and notes. With that slight touch of coffee and saffron, this fragrance blends the extremes, and allows you to evoke a mystical affair. The heart is a thrilling tornado of rich coffee, narcissus, and frangipani that seduces the wandering mind and evokes feelings of perseverance and inspiration of the uncharted. 

Fresh Neroli

Soothe the soul and calm the nerves with zesty lemon and ever-lasting neroli that leaves a cooling effect on the mind. Pause, take a deep breath, and experience a wave of peace as the jasmine notes engage in friendly flirtation with orange blossom water. Experience a whiff of nature at best with Fresh Neroli that creates warmth in the heart, and makes you feel the excitement of a fun summer vacation. This best perfume for men in Pakistan is simple, easy-going, and just right for every individual looking for a touch of freshness. 


For the thrill-seeker that resides in every man, Wanderlust gives wings to the adventurer in you and enhances your appeal with this long lasting perfume for men. A hit of citrus is where it all begins, coupled with an earthy note that comes from the powerful character of sage and rosemary. A few seconds in and you will find your senses being brought to life with sandalwood’s oriental charm and comforting hints of vanilla. The exotic nature of this fragrance invites you on a mysterious journey that captivates, entices, and exudes confidence 


Irresistibly mesmerizing, Enchantress takes you on a sensual journey with its instant freshness. The first spritz transports you to a joyous orange-land where the burst of citrus awakens the senses and fills the air with an enticing sensation. The harmonious fusion of ylang-ylang and Turkish rose emanates a sparkling, feminine scent that is delicate on the olfactory receptors.

The gentle best perfume for women in Pakistan unfurls with sweet and nutty notes of vanilla and tonka bean, creating an air of charming romance. The distinctive undertones are complemented by the mesmerizing floral notes at the fragrance's core, which symbolize a lady who can put anyone under her spell. We do not offer any return and exchange policy for the mens perfume sale


For the men and women who love the summer, the beach, and the morning sun, Sun-Kissed is for her. Immerse yourself in a luscious marriage of nectarine, mango and blood orange, which is then swept away by the wind, making way for a delightful floral sensation. Find yourself being transported to the sunny beach as you catch a whiff of an earthy sandalwood and coconut fragrance, sending you on a pleasurable olfactory journey that will fill your mind and body with an unparalleled energy boost. There is no return and exchange policy for the women's perfume sale.

Miss Powerhouse

This is one of our long lasting perfumes for women. A mesmerizing sensory journey for the woman who wears her confidence like a crown - without fear, without hesitation. Miss Powerhouse embodies a woman’s journey of evolution and reinvention as she breaks free from the shackles around her. This olfactory composition opens with a mouth-watering, attention-grabbing, juicy orange.

The powerful heart emphasizes the luscious warm honey note, complemented by rich vanilla, representing a sweet rebellion. Bright, seductive florals weave their way through the scent, lending a soft touch of sophisticated femininity like spring in a bottle which swiftly bursts into an explosion of honeyed vanilla. Powered by musky, amber notes, Miss Powerhouse, the best long lasting perfume, allows the boss woman to express pure passion for being authentic.

Man Of Steel

With a big dose of spice-infused citrus from ginger and grapefruit, Man of Steel makes its mark right away. The first spritz transforms you into an earthy sophistication with sage and lavender, which is subtle but yet so bold. Bergamot, sage, and ginger notes add a sharp juicy freshness to up the ante and shake things up. Tonka bean, cedar, labdanum, and patchouli create a mysterious masculine trail of confidence in the scents base. 

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