Our Journey

“On a journey to explore Pakistan, we were amazed to see the inclination of the locals towards sports shoes. At the same time, we were in awe to see that no local-company was providing any added benefits to something that makes your look perfect – YOUR SHOES! Inherently curious and wanting to work an extra degree, we started our research to design the ideal comfortable shoes, with no absent style.

With this spirit of research, the journey of One Degree began.

One step to the launch of 2019, We had to discard all of our very own designed and developed pairs of shoes. Why? Something was missing.

After cycles of exploring and experimenting, we came up with an entirely different technology of everyone’s favorite shoes – LightX. The sole is perfect for the souls. Why? Our light-weighted sole ensure you never struggle with achy feet, our soft & bouncy foot-bed never hurts your heel, and our water-resistant light-weighted mesh will keep your feet happy and cozy.

We also recognized how you strived hard to tie your laces again and over again, which had us come up with Flat-Elasticated Laces. You just have to tie the laces once, and you are ready to hustle!

The journey to inventions and innovations is a long one, One Degree wants to lead it for YOU!”



Mission Statement:

We aim to fulfill the expectations, desires, and dreams of our customers with an energetic team to generate over-whelming results.


Vision Statement:

Envisioned to become not a brand, but a movement to make this World a better place.

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